Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business Critical Data Backup & Recovery

Is your company at serious risk of a business disruption?  Companies produce countless pieces of data daily, many of which support critical business functions. Should your organization lose all of its files without the ability to recover them, it could cripple your operations. Here’s what business owners need to consider about why data backup and disaster recovery is such a critical IT service.

Why is data backup so important?

Unless you have a data backup method in place, once your information is gone, it cannot be retrieved. Hacking, virus threats, unexpected power outages, and other types of network problems can happen to any company at any time.  Therefore, the disaster causes businesses to potentially lose every piece of information they have. In turn, it also causes significant delays and creates the challenge of trying to resume business without the necessary data.

There are many businesses today that still don’t have a backup in place. You need one for a number of reasons.

  1. You’re not making money if a critical part of your technology environment is down.
  2. The expectation by customers today of companies large and small is that you’re always available.
  3. Without a backup, it will take you materially longer to not just rebuild whatever data was impacted, but to also put your operations back into a “close to current” state as they were just prior to the “disaster” experienced.

Where should I store my backups?

An important consideration is where you should store your backups. You can keep them on-premises, in the cloud or use a hybrid mix of both. There are pros and cons for each.  We feel you are missing out if you use only one method to store your backups.  By having a hybrid on-premise/cloud backups, you retain sync’d backups in both locations.  This increases your ability to recover from just about any disaster.  On-premise is typically faster to restore and is the first choice.  However, if you lost your data due to a fire, for example, cloud storage offers the option to restore your data in a new location.

What needs to be backed up?

In a word?  Everything. The whole point of disaster recovery for a small business is to provide an ability to recover regardless of the loss incurred. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to perform image-level backups, where the entire system (whether physical or virtual) is backed up as a single data set.

You may be reading this because you don’t have your backups in proper order.  Therefore, you should at very least be considering the backup of critical servers and services that you know your business can’t be without for very long.

Which backup method should be used?

Backups can be created using two basic methods – file-level and image-level.  File level is perfect for backing up a subset of files and folders on your server. It also can serve as the means to backup a database for a given application. Application-aware backups can simplify file-level backups by intelligently capturing all the relevant data sets needed to recover an application.

Image-level backups are perfect for when you want to protect an entire system at once. They also give you access to fast recoveries both locally and remotely using a continuous recovery model (where a restore of each backup is performed as the backup is created).

Maintain Business ContinuityData Backup & Disaster Recovery

Through cloud-based and local storage, our data backup tools capture the data your business generates, along with preexisting records, and keeps virtual copies of everything. It features a unique system that backs up all domain and server information, storing it in a separate offsite server that can be quickly accessed should your network ever experience an issue or outage.

Swift Disaster Recovery

Should your network go down and you lose data, Intelligent IT will help you get all of your information back in as little time as possible to minimize the impact on your business.  When you rely on technology and your data to run your business…time is of the essence.


Don’t delay if you need data backup and recovery services for your small business.  At Intelligent IT, we offer multiple options for data backup and security.  Our knowledgeable team specializes in computer, data, and hard drive backup, in addition to system recovery. Learn more about our services on our website, or call (859) 523-9723 to speak with an associate.